it's been awhile + some good news

I feel like it's been ages since I have written anything on here. Probably because it has been... The last four months have flown by. Mostly, this is because this is just how life seems to be lately, and partly because we have had some big changes in our lives. But, I figured this rainy weekend would be a great time to dust off the cobwebs and jump back in.

In November, Colby and I found out that we are expecting a new, little member to our family this July. So, I guess now we're in the market for one of these... Shortly after we found out, I began to feel the effects of the infamous morning sickness. I was down for the count for a good three months. Then, slowly, I began to feel more like myself at the beginning of my second trimester. I still had very little energy and was sick often enough to not want to do much of anything, but I certainly felt better than before. We tried a mix of different medications to help curb the nausea, despite my desire to avoid any meds at all. But, I had to do something if I wanted to make it to work and have some sort of life outside my bedroom.

This week marks the start of my third trimester and we can't believe there are only 12 weeks left. Colby is working hard to finish up the walls in the baby's room and soon we'll be moving the furniture in. I have been busy making sure the baby is having the best time possible in my tummy by feeding it lots of tasty treats and getting to know all of its little kicks and movements. And, it's been fun seeing Hank investigate all of the new baby stuff we have accumulated so far. We decided to wait until July to find out if it's a boy or a girl and it has been so fun waiting in suspense. It really is the only true secret that can be kept.

In the time since Christmas, we have made a few trips home to Boise to see family--including my brand new, three week old nephew, August. We've also been trying to get the most out the ski season while my pants still fit, and ventured down to Southern California and San Francisco. Basically, trying to savor our time together with just the two of us while sharing this fun stage of life with our dear friends. I've been trying to journal the thoughts and feelings that I am having while getting to know this little life inside of me, because I am blown away by how fast the time is going by and I don't want to forget any of it. But, at the same time, I feel like time is crawling by...we just can't wait to meet this little one.

Here are some pieces of what else we've been up to since December...