10 pretty...gravy boats

Next week is Thanksgiving and my family is coming to our home again to celebrate. We won't be celebrating just Thanksgiving, though. It is also my birthday as well as my mom's that weekend. I could not be any more excited--having them here is one of my favorite things. I love baking tasty treats the days before the arrive and planning the meals while they're here. I was nervous last year--it was the first time I had hosted a holiday for family at my own home. Everything went perfectly and we all had such a great weekend together. But, after Thanksgiving dinner, we realized there was one very important, grown-up dish that I did not have yet. A gravy boat.

Here a few that I found that would be perfect for a casual dinner for the holidays...and any other meal. Gravy is the best and shouldn't be made only around the holidays in my opinion...

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