a little garden adventure

This weekend was pretty exciting for just a weekend at home. Our original plan was to head down to Moab for the weekend to try to find some warmth and sunshine, but instead ended up home in Salt lake for a rainy Saturday and fairly warm Sunday. Despite the rain, we finished our raised beds and got our garden ready for the season. (I'm using the word "we" a little loosely here...Colby built the raised beds and I helped with the gardening...) They turned out so great. We had the materials lying around the yard and finally put them all to good use. Most of the wood that we used was from the fence that we (Colby) tore down last spring. The posts are just some 4x4's that we dug out of a pile of junk during our neighborhood spring clean-up. And the dirt was from our backyard--we had plenty left over from last spring when we (Colby) leveled out the back yard to put in some sod.

We spent some time at a nursery near our house and picked out some tomatoes and herbs that had already been started. There was a really helpful girl there that told us to grab some marigolds also--apparently they'll help to keep the little critters away from the fruits of our labor. After the beds were done being built, we loaded them up with dirt and fertilizer and got them ready for our seeds. About this time, our lovely neighbors brought over some tasty pizza they had been cooking on their ceramic grill. Have you seen those things? They're pretty awesome, and I can now say first hand that they make some killer pizza.

This will be our first garden. We are so stoked to see if we can actually pull this off and I am really looking forward to this project together. So far, we have planted some cilantro, basil, arugula, and cucumber seeds. Colby also put in six hop rhizomes, and we have two more on the way--I'm pretty excited to have some home brew with some homegrown hops. We also have a few tomato plants and some other herbs chilling in the sun room until the weather warms a bit more. This has the potential to be a very tasty summer.