a little weekend update

Aaaah...a three day weekend.

There are very few things I appreciate more. Okay. There are a lot of things I appreciate more, but I was very thankful for the extra day to do....nothing.  We had some of our neighbors over for a fun little brunch on Saturday and Colby and I were able to spend the rest of the day together doing things around the house and making yummy food. Colby worked the rest of the weekend, so Hank and I were on our own. We went on a little hike and napped and played and napped. It was great. I'm trying to ignore the fact that I had to work a little, but we definitely made time for some fun too.

1. The aftermath of brunch
2. They just keep on coming...
3.  Gluten free lemon poppy seed muffins from Jake's Gluten Free Market
4. Hard boiled eggs are one of my favorite snacks
5. My mom's apron
6. Colby loves chocolate chip cookies
7. Hank + Watson = BFFFFFFFF