three months

Yesterday this little man turned three months old. A common saying from parents is that "time flies". We all know this. But it seems like we can manage it a little easier as adults because our lives aren't rapidly changing. A baby's life is changing every day and I have never seen time fly so quickly. Every day a new skill is learned--a new appendage is found. River is such a happy baby and we have so much fun chatting, cooing, and gurgling with each other. I remember wondering weeks ago when he would finally be able to grab things, or hold his head up, or lay on his belly. It seemed like they were so far away. And now, he's doing all of those things! I swear, I just blinked and then just like that--a whole new baby.

River, these are my favorite things about you this month...

When you see me, you get the biggest smile on your face
You're going to sleep all by yourself (most of the time)
You can stare at your feet for minutes
You have long conversations with me
When I "rooaaaaaaaaaaar" you roar back at me
You're almost sleeping through the night
You smell amazing