i want this: knotwork la

I recently came across this amazing little shop called Knotwork LA. And now, I'm in love.

I'm a fan of pretty much anything made from beautiful, natural woods and this little website is full of just that. Usually, when I point out something that I like that is made of wood to Colby, he responds with a confident, "I could make that." I love that he can say that, and I believe that he really can do that, but this is ready to buy--right now. Thanks to my intense impatience (I'm working on it) I would rather just buy it and have it right then. Plus, I love supporting other artists just like I hope people do for Colby when he starts building stuff more regularly. These guys are a great inspiration and I can't wait to see what other beautiful things they come up with.

They also have a few great ceramic pieces I would love to get my hands on...

Check out their website here!