our colorado adventure

A few weeks ago, we ventured off to Colorado for a little exploring and time with friends and family.

Our friend Kara has been spending her summers doing research on the mayfly at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. We have wanted to visit her there for awhile and since we're so close and found ourselves with weeks off from work and a new little one to introduce to her it seemed like the perfect time. We left Salt Lake and stopped near Price, Utah to camp for the night. I'd like to think that River enjoyed his first night in the van, but I guess we'll never know for sure. Once we got to Colorado, we spent time with our friend at her cabin and also explored the nearby town--Crested Butte. We were in love. That is the most adorable little town ever. 

We walked around the town and had a tasty matte latte and cinnamon roll at First Accent Coffee Roasters. Followed by lunch at Teo Calli Temale and then ice cream at Third Bowl. It was a great day of catching up and eating and walking into all of the cute little shops. Colby and I spent most of the drive the next day dreaming of living there someday.

Friday we drove to Boulder to meet my parents who were meeting us there from Boise. Colby and I were planning to go to a concert even before River was born and they offered to join us for the weekend and -- the real reason -- to babysit River. After we settled into our little condo, we drove to Pearl Street and looked for a place to have dinner. Every time we go to Boulder we end up eating at Next Door. We wanted to eat there again, but thought we should look around just to make sure... And, of course, we ended up there and it was just as delicious as always.

The next morning we had breakfast at Snooze--this is a must whenever you find yourself in Colorado (or San Diego). It is so so so good. After breakfast we walked around town a little more and popped into a few shops to look around--and had too much fun here. We ended up back at our condo to nap for a little bit before Colby and I headed out to our concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater. The concert was so fun and, despite the fact that it was my first time away from River and there was horrible reception at the venue which wasn't fun for this mama bear, we had a great time.

We left Boulder on Sunday to spend one last night in Vail, CO. On the way there we made a couple stops at some cute little towns -- Idaho Springs and Minturn, CO. We just walked around the streets and grabbed some ice cream and other little treasures. We had a great evening in Vail and, except for River peeing all over the place during a diaper change, it was pretty uneventful. The perfect way to end our trip.

After being away from home for six days with a two and a half week old we were ready to be home. We caravaned back to Salt Lake and once we were home we slept so soundly in our own beds. We had so much fun making memories and getting to know our new little son.

Every time we go to Colorado I am blown away by its beauty. I like to think that Utah is full of beauty as well, but it's so nice to explore new places in this world--especially places that are right next door.