six months already - first food

We celebrated River's six months of life by preparing his first food (if we don't count the french fry I let him suck on while we were skiing last weekend...). I was expecting him to make funny faces, spit it all out, and just start playing with it. These seem to be the common stories among parents when it comes to trying food for the first time. But River surprised us once again and, even though he's been battling a fever for the last few days, he loved it. He kept reaching for more and did a great job of mixing it in his mouth and swallowing it. It was actually pretty anti-climactic--but in the best way. We took pictures, and videos, and even FaceTimed with my parents and brother and sister-in-law. Another milestone reached!

His first food was just a pureed baked sweet potato mixed with a little water to thin it out. We'll eat this for a few days and then switch to something else. I found all kinds of little food recipes on the Weelicious website and I'm so excited to try them out. We're using these and these to store the food in the freezer. They're so convenient. The idea of encouraging River to love food as much as we do is so exciting. I've been reading this book and it makes me very curious to see what River's relationship with food will be like.

River, this month you...

Learned how to clap your feet
Tried food for the first time
Had your first bad fever
Learned to scoot all around the floor
Started reaching out to pet Hank
Made my heart melt daily