christmas tree adventure

We ventured out to the Uinta forest again this year to find ourselves a little Christmas tree. The ground was covered with just enough snow to make it really feel like Christmas, but not enough to get stuck while walking through the woods without snowshoes or skis (like previous years.) Right after we stopped to get our tree permit the snow started falling and it felt magical. We had planned on River napping during the drive but that did not happen, so our time spent searching was shorter than we had hoped. But, luckily, my sister in law found the perfect tree not too long after we pulled off the road. The appeal to eat snow is pretty strong for a two year old, so River's hands got cold fast. After we cut our tree down the snow started to really come down so we headed back to the van for our leftover turkey sandwiches and hot chocolate.

Once we got home (and after we put River down for a long awaited nap) we set up the tree and waited for him to wake up so he could place the star at the top. We spent the rest of the evening making hot chocolate and eating yummy cheeses and making new cocktails. This is the start of such a beautiful season and I am so excited to

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love."
Hamilton Wright Mabie