playtime in the sink

I love being a mom. It has been such an amazing feeling to experience and I regret none of it. There are so many moments where all the stars align and we are all getting a long and everyone is behaving and happy. And then there are those moments when I am pulling out my hair, trying not well up with tears, and wondering how I'm going to make it through the rest of the day. Luckily, these moments are fewer and farther between. But, they do happen. And in those moments I am always scrambling to think of something fun for River to do to redirect him from whatever might be setting off his two year old emotions.

I try to think of one planned activity a day that we can do at home to take up a little time. Sometimes River isn't super interested in whatever I've planned and sometimes he is. This was one of the days where he was and I was stoked. After breakfast I did the dishes (so it was already destined to be a good day) and I walked passed the empty sink and thought to myself, "Hmmm, this might work..." I've made morning baths for River before so he could splash around and play and he enjoyed them but I had to go check on him every couple of minutes to make sure he was playing safely. So it didn't really create any time for me to accomplish things around the house. I decided to throw him in the sink because it was right in the middle of the kitchen and I could work at the table while he played. I brought in some of his favorite bath toys and left some of my pumping bottles in there and he loved filling them up with water and dumping them out again and again and again. I turned the sink on really low, let it fill up and we'd empty it every few minutes and start it over again.

These sweet, quiet moments are so special and I love finding activities that are calming and fun--for both of us.