a little weekend update

Last weekend was so great. My friend and I got out into the Uintas and hiked to Wall Lake on Saturday. We were there while an amazing thunderstorm rumbled right next to us. Luckily there was no rain, just a few sprinkles. It was so nice to breath in that mountain air and let Hank run around and play in the water (and roll around in gross things he found along the way).

That night we went to Craft Lake City. Craft Lake City is an amazing art fair where local vendors can sell their amazing handmade products. Everything from local coffee roasters to handmade soaps—and lots and lots of great jewelry, art, and pottery. There were so many great things to look at, and the amount of booths nearly quadrupled since last year. We didn’t waste any time and tried to make it to every booth. There was also live music and lots of food trucks parked nearby. I bought some sugar body scrub, some cute bibs for some of our friends with babies, and some great letter pressed cards. I had to hold myself back so I wouldn’t buy something at every booth. It was a test in self-control for sure. We ended the night with pizza at Pie Hole. I think every night should be ended this way.

Sunday, my neighbor was having her baby shower, so I went over there and joined her and some ladies in celebrating her baby boy who will be here next month. I went back over there later for some wine, which turned into dinner, which turned into dessert. We googled how to make ice cream with frozen fruit and a juicer, so we tried it out on their juicer and it worked great! It was so tasty and easy. Another amazing thing that juicers can do…

Colby comes home tonight! So, I’ll get to hear all about Burn Camp (and watch Breaking Bad!).