merry christmas


Merry Christmas!

Colby and I celebrated the day with just the three of us after he got home from work. After some quick visits and gift sharing with the neighbors around us, we huddled around the tree and opened up our gifts. For the past few years, we have waited to open our gifts until we have Christmas with my family--which is usually not on Christmas day. But, this year, we decided to have some time with just us. Hank loved his ball and squeaky toy, I loved my new slippers and scarf, and Colby loved (LOVED) his new dove tail saw and some guide books.

It's been a really nice and relaxing day and I am so excited to go to Boise tomorrow and spend some time with our family. I'm hoping my mom will read us a story from this book like she did when we were kids. I always loved 'The Gift of the Magi' the best.

Until next year...