meet hank

Today is national Bring Your Dog To Work Day!  Seems like everyone at work had their cute dog and it was so much fun. I met a Boxer named Wyatt, an Italian Greyhound named Rocky, a Pit Bull named Phoenix, and a very, very large poodle--just to name a few.

I left my sweet boy, Hank, at home today. He's still such a puppy, and a very active dog, and sitting in an office for most of the day just didn't sound like something he would be in to. So, we have made a date to go for a hike after work today. But, just because my friends at work can't meet Hank today, doesn't mean you can't!

Hank joined our little family in October of 2011. In seven days, we celebrated our two year wedding anniversary, signed papers for our new home, and moved Hank in--it was a big week. Hank came from Loa, Utah--just outside of Hanksville. His mom and dad were sheep dogs on a ranch down there, and, apparently, it was a slow and cold winter. :) He was the sad little runt of the mix and, since it was late October, we weren't sure he would make it outside at their farm for the next month. So, we rescued the little guy and nourished him back to a healthy weight and size. We were instantly in love. Driving through Hanksville, and being lovers of Hank Williams, it seemed like a no brainer to name him Hank.

He has been such a good dog for us. I used to be grossed out by other people's dogs and their slobber. I mean, I have always liked dogs, but watching someone give their dog a kiss...gross! Well, now I'm that person. And I love it. I can't wait to see him after work. Colby and I take him on a walk together in the morning and at night and I love that time together with the three of us. He has taught us what it means to take care of something else and not be so selfish with our time and space. I miss sleeping in, and not having hair all over my clothes, and having friends over for dinner without a dog jumping all over everyone. But, despite all of that, we can't remember what it's like to not have him with us and I wouldn't have it any other way.