art + lady time = happiness

Last weekend, my girlfriend, Lara, and I ventured out to the Utah Arts Festival. We had the best time eating, strolling, dreaming up arty things to do, and catching up. I love being surrounded by so many creative people--it always taps into that place in my brain and gets so many new ideas flowing, so an art festival is the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

After we checked out all of the booths, and ate our weight in hot dogs and gelato, we headed over to Library Square and saw a performance by a group called Bandaloop. They did their dances on the side of the library and it was such a neat thing to see up close. I have a small fear of heights, so it was a little unnerving--but so amazing at the same time. Then we wandered over to a little break dancing competition which I LOVED. (I have a secret desire to become a professional break dancer--but doesn't everyone?)

I'm already looking forward to next year's festival, but I have a feeling this will tie me over until then...