10 pretty...rugs

Last week, Colby decided to pull up all of the carpet in our home--the bedroom, hallway, and stairs. And he also pulled all of the trim off of the doors and bases of the walls. Our house is a mess, our bedroom has transferred itself to the living, and I can't wait until this little project is finished. But, the fumes, dust, and my clothes being thrown all over the place is totally worth it.

We widened our closet and raised the doorway a little to be able to better utilize the space, and painted the room a fresh white. We added canned lights to ceiling and will be making some neat lights of our own to go above the bed. But, the decision we struggled the most with was what to do with the floors. The living room already has wood floors, so if we laid new wood floors, the grains wouldn't match each other. And, the thought of putting new wood floors in the entire house sounded really expensive. So, for a last minute, supposedly cheap project, we decided to go a cheaper route. We are painting all of the floors white. It's a pretty small space, so the hope is that it will brighten, lighten, and expand the space.

We ran into a bit of a speed bump the other day when the sealing varnish we put on top of the white paint had a yellow tint when it dried. So, we'll have to sand, paint, and seal the floors again. I am so ready for it to be done and to move our stuff back to normal and get a chance to start the room fresh. It really is true what they say--the bedroom always gets the cold shoulder when it comes to decorating. When we moved in to this house about two years ago we decorated every room in the house but didn't really spend any time with the bedroom. Now it's finally getting its time to shine.

I have so many ideas for what to do with the bedroom. But, right now, my focus is finding a rug. The past few homes I have lived in had carpeted bedrooms, so there was really no need for a rug. I'm excited to find the perfect unique and inviting rug. Here are ten rugs that I thought looked interesting...