a lovely weekend

There's not much that compares to a weekend of sleeping in, good food, and a thunderstorm.

After going to a couple of estate sales with a friend Saturday morning, I went over to one of our neighbor's for a tasty brunch of eggs florentine (my favorite) and some fresh beet and carrot juice. Then we took the dogs to Tanner Park to let the dogs run around and cool off in the little river. Sunday, I went over to my friend's for a light lunch and some homemade lemonade, and then we saw this movie -- it made me want to be 16 again. In between all of that, I cooked, cleaned, read, put another coat of paint on the floors, and snuggled with Colby and Hank.

We have a trip coming up next week, so this was our last weekend of lounging and getting stuff done. I tried to savor every second of it.

1. Hank always makes time to sleep in (except when I want to sleep in too).
2. Carrots--one of my absolute favorite vegetables.
3. Hank helped with the painting.
4. I put my twist on this recipe.
5. Gardening + wine.
6. Finding our first cucumbers.