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Have you heard of the PBS series, America in Primetime?  It's a documentary type exploration into the history of television and how it has moved and shaped us over the years. I thought it was so interesting and I loved how they went into great detail of how characters are formed and how they can be relateable (or not). And, how time has changed how we see characters--and television in general. I always subconsciously viewed television as a medium that wasn't as good or as credible as movies. But this really turned that around for me and showed me that television can offer much more--like more character development and more opportunity to get to know the story over a longer period of time. 

Watch Promo on PBS. See more from America in Primetime.

If you have chance, check it out. You can watch them here and on Netflix.

Also, here's a list of the best written television shows of all time--according to the Writer's Guild of America.