a little weekend update

Sometimes I'm amazed at how much we can cram into a few days. I guess if you only have the weekends to get stuff done/have fun/reconnect with friends/spend time with family you have to make it count.

I think we did just that. 

1. Squeezing as much out of our garden as we can in these last few weeks
2. Climbing walls on a rainy day
3. Lunch at The Annex
4. Love seeing how the sun changes through the windows with the seasons
5. A campfire with friends
6. Homemade berry turnovers for breakfast
7. Hank might be my best friend, but sticks are his
8. Dog paradise is in Neff's Canyon
9. Feeling nostalgic, so I made one of my mom's roasts
10. The weekend never ends for him...