our california adventure

A week ago, we jumped into the van and drove the 750ish miles to San Diego for a long weekend camping at the beach with our dear friends. The whole purpose behind the trip was to celebrate our friend Heidi's birthday--but we hardly need a reason to get everyone together. The last few years we seem to have made an accidental tradition of going to the beach at this time of the year. I feel like it has been so nice to have one last hoorah in the sun before the cold winter hits. 

We spent most of our time at Mission Beach building sand castles, reading magazines, catching up, surfing, playing intense games of bocce, and splashing in the water. Once we were back at our campsite, we ate yummy food, listened to Colby play good music, and played the delightfully/horribly inappropriate game, Card Against Humanity. It was one of those weekends you hate to see come to end. On Sunday, after our last day at the beach, we ate at La Playa Taco Shop. I ordered a fish taco and a burrito and if I could have found more room in my tummy, I would have eaten everything else on the menu. It was so good. We drove on up to our friend's house for our last night and, after we unpacked the cars, we jumped into the pool to cool off. After we came home to Salt Lake the weather started to turn chilly and I am welcoming it with open arms. Summer is over--and this was a great way to say goodbye.