thyme lemonade

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Here's the last recipe we came up with for our trio of tasty summer drinks. This one is so light and refreshing and dangerously easy to sip... 

Lemon Thyme Vodka
For two cocktails

You're gonna need...
2 oz thyme simple syrup
2 lemons
2 oz vodka

Pour the juice of two lemons, thyme simple syrup, and vodka into a shaker with some ice and shake for a minute or so. Strain into two glasses over ice. Garnish with thyme sprigs and lemon slices.


Thyme Simple Syrup
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of water
10 or so sprigs of thyme

Mix water and sugar in a pan over medium to low heat until sugar is dissolved. Add thyme and let it steep in the sugar and water for about 30 minutes.