weekend adventures

A couple of weeks ago my parents visited us. It was going to be five days of getting ready for the baby by organizing, cleaning, painting, and moving furniture around. But, luckily, we managed to squeeze in plenty of fun stuff as well.

Colby and my dad finished painting our stairs and ended up painting the entire concrete floor in the basement. We also went through pretty much everything we had and sorted out what we needed and what we didn't need and gave that away. That is the best feeling--just a purge of things collected over the years that we thought we needed, but realized were just taking up space. We had the furniture moved into the baby's room and also moved our room into the family room downstairs so we can be closer to the baby's room. I was surprised at how emotional I was our first night in the "new" room. Clearly, my hormones are at an all time high, but I never realized how much I loved our room upstairs. I love the natural morning light and the crisp white floor (and how close it is to the bathroom...). But after a couple weeks downstairs, I've come to realize that our new room has many good qualities as well. It stays much cooler in the summer, I can sleep forever thanks to the small basement windows, and our room is now nearly twice the size.

After a few days of getting stuff in order, I feel much more prepared for this baby to get here.

Now for the fun stuff... My mom and I weren't much help to the boys. We filled our time with shopping for things for the baby's room, swimming laps at the pool, riding our bikes to tea, gardening, and cooking yummy food. Saturday, the four of us went to Red Butte Gardens to walk around and take some time to, literally, smell some roses. After that, we headed to Taqueria 27 for some yummy tacos. Then we went home and took Hank to the school by our house to run around get out some energy. Obviously, after all that exercise, we needed some dessert. So, we went to Gourmandise Bakery and picked up a few (ok, five) desserts. We split them all up between the four of us and ate them with some coffee and some of the Buttermint ice cream my dad and I made the night before.

I was so sad to see them go, like I usually am, but they're coming back this weekend and then I'll be off to Boise for a week for some relaxing and time with friends while Colby is away on a river trip. It seems like time is flying by so fast, and yet I can't seem to wait another day for this baby to be here. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to share this special time with those that I love so, so much.

1. Tea at the Tea Grotto
2. We made a new feline friend
3. Picking up some supplies for the boys
4. Salsas at Taqueria27
5. Tacos at Taqueria27
6. Desserts are my faaaaavorite
7. Pretty plants before
8. Pretty plants after
9. Dinner on that patio
10. Laps at Steiner's
11. We can't wait to meet this little one
12. Colby and my mom taking in Red Butte Gardens