a city of rocks adventure

Last week we had some friends come into town to visit. Over the weekend, we decided to take a quick overnight trip to the City of Rocks. We love this place. It's so close, so it makes for a pretty quick drive, and it is like going to another planet. It's hidden behind some inconspicuous hills off of I-84, and as you get closer you start to see these amazing boulders and large rocky formations. It's great to feel so far away from everything.

We got there Friday evening and got River settled in his pack and play in the van after a little bit of crawling and scrambling around the rocks by our site. We met up with some other friends there so there were plenty of dogs to make River feel right at home. We roasted brats over the fire and made s'mores and talked. Colby pulled out the banjo and played songs while we watched the beginnings of a meteor shower and then end of lightening storm in the southern sky. Despite the strong wind gusts, Hank panting all night from the heat, and a small mouse that somehow got into the van, we slept great. We woke up with the sun and the three of us took a little hike to find some more rocks. 

After breakfast, we climbed for a few hours and then made sandwiches and drove home. We are headed there again in a few weeks and we're looking forward to the time in the city already.