listen to this - burnt toast

Have you heard this podcast from food52? It's an interesting podcast on food culture and other cooking related topics. I listened to this one today and I really enjoyed it. The hosts, Amanda Hesser and Merril Stubbs together with Phyllis Grant from dash and bella (love this blog), discuss how to go about exposing children to new foods and flavors and how to fight the dinner time battle that so many parents face.

We are starting to get to the point where we can feed River whatever we are eating for the most part. It's really exciting and I love sharing foods with him, but I feel myself picking and choosing meals that I think River is "supposed" to like. Easy, bland foods--kid foods. I really want to stay away from that way of thinking, though. I love cooking and want to make sure that I express that same love of food and cooking to him.

This was a very inspiring podcast and it makes me so excited for the years ahead when River can join me in the kitchen.

Listen here are watch below!